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Jan 11 2018

Changing systems from the inside out

Teaching always felt like a natural fit. My experiences in school growing up were always positive. There were many teachers along the way, starting in elementary school and continuing on through high school and college and graduate school, who showed interest in me, who mentored me. What’s more, they made me feel they cared.

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Jan 4 2018

Let’s Talk: How Conversations Around Equity Can Help Students Feel More Connected

In early December, the National Center for Education Statistics released its four-year graduation rate for school year 2015-16. The results indicate that Oregon high school students continue to struggle with graduating on time; our state ranked bottom third. Low graduation rates are caused by many factors including chronic absenteeism. Students that consistently miss school fall behind in their classes and often have difficultly catching up. How do we help and encourage students to consistently go to school so that they can graduate on time and set themselves up for future success?

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Dec 7 2017

Tracking Oregon's Progress Report

Oregon Community Foundation recently released their research findings on Oregon's opportunity gap. The Tracking Oregon's Progress Report shows why children born into lower-income families are less likely to escape the cycle of poverty. The full report features information on ways to work with communities around the state to create equity in opportunity. 

Read the full report here

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Nov 30 2017

Always a learner: From teaching to coaching

Growing up I never really found my niche at school. I don’t remember a lot of dynamic teaching and never felt truly inspired or encouraged. After majoring in psychology at Virginia Tech, I moved to Portland, studied acting, played drums in rock bands, and waited tables.

I didn’t realize until later how passionate I am about learning. That’s why I went to graduate school at Lewis & Clark to become a teacher—to have the impact on kids that I missed.

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Oct 26 2017

A diverse teacher workforce is important for student outcomes

Why is it important for students of color to have teachers who look like them? And what is being done to promote workforce diversity?

A recent online article by the Urban Institute explored the issue of educator diversity. The article points out that the pipeline is tight because not enough students of color are going to or graduating from college. And not enough of those who do are majoring in education.

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