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Mar 17 2020

Reflections on the 2020 Oregon Legislative Session

With only three out of 305 bills reaching the governor’s desk, no one can be pleased with the way the 2020 legislative session ended.

While political impasse grabbed headlines, Chalkboard Project’s team was meeting with state legislators in Salem, exploring opportunities to collaborate around educator workforce and data issues, and drawing policy connections between Oregon’s early learning, K-12, and post-secondary systems. 

Jan 24 2020

Meet the Team: Amanda Manjarrez, Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs

Amanda brings creative leadership and a deep commitment to social justice to her work as Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs at Chalkboard Project. A longtime advocate for racial equity and good governance, she collaborates with Oregonians across the state to co-design, test, and champion systems change strategies that deliver lasting impact for children and families.

Jan 24 2020

Meet the Team: Louis Wheatley, Strategic Communications Director

Louis has woven a passion for democratizing ideas and animating dialogue throughout his career. At Chalkboard Project's Strategic Communications Director, he helps elevate narratives that spark curiosity, upend entrenched divisions, and catalyze systemic change for children in Oregon.

Jan 24 2020

Community-Based Organizations Gather to Strategize for Student Success

With the Student Success Act (SSA), Oregon invested in a vision for educational equity where decision-makers approach community as a true partner in reducing disparities among children. But when community engagement is a mandate, what steps can we take to help decision-makers and community collaborate authentically and innovatively?


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