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Portrait of Janet Soto Rodriguez, Chalkboard Project's newest employee
Jan 3 2019

Interview with Janet Soto Rodriguez

I recently sat down with our newest Chalkboard Project employee, Janet Soto Rodriguez, to talk about what inspires (spoiler alert, Selena) and excites her about her new role.

Hi Janet! Your job title is Policy and Innovation Director. Tell me more about the "innovation" portion of your job.

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Nov 27 2018

Creating a More Welcoming and Culturally Responsive School Community to Engage American Indian and Alaska Native Families

The following post originally appeared on the EducationNorthwest blog and is the first of a three-part series by Mandy Smoker Broaddus about creating culturally responsive school communities. Read the full blog series here.  

In the Northwest, we are seeing a growing sense of empowerment, autonomy and efficacy in American Indian and Alaska Native communities, particularly around education.

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Nov 26 2018

The general election was a national shouting match. So why were our classrooms so quiet?

This piece was written by Dana Smiley, a member of Oregon Student Voice and a junior at Lincoln High School. It originally appeared as an opinion piece in the Oregonian on November 21. 

Earlier this month, I felt a sense of anticipation for the results of the midterm elections. It was clear that the outcome could lead to sweeping changes across the nation, and have a huge impact on a group that is primarily not old enough yet to vote: high school students.

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