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Dec 2 2014

Educators and educator effectiveness must remain a top priority

The climate for educators is very complex today—constantly evolving and with many challenges, especially as they navigate Common Core, new evaluations, and new state testing. Teachers are the single most important in-school factor that drives student success. 

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Dec 8 2014

Why teacher leadership is often seen, but not heard

I am disappointed that our Governor has not appointed a practicing classroom teacher to OEIB. This board is responsible for promulgation of critical “investment” decisions for education in Oregon. And yet no teacher leader is a member. 

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Jan 8 2015

Leading for Learning: Supporting principals as effective instructional leaders

Among all school-related factors, leaders are second only to teachers in their impact on student learning. But a principal’s day-to-day practice often looks very different. Faced with a myriad of pressures and responsibilities driven by the political, social, and economic landscape in public education, school leaders often lack time and support to improve instruction.

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