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Nov 3 2015

Choosing leadership and testing personal ability to make a difference

While I was a teacher, I had a principal who commended me on my job although I didn’t believe her at first. After hearing such positive feedback from my principal, I thought: If I’m making a difference with 30 kids, is it possible I could make a difference with 300 kids?

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  • Equity and Diversity
  • Professional Development
Oct 23 2015

What does it take to become an Oregon teacher? Have you got a “minute”?

Eventually, I wondered how do most people find information before deciding to enter Oregon’s teaching profession? When I searched the Internet, I saw multiple websites—often with conflicting information and/or content not updated in years. What was needed was a one-stop website.

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  • Educator Workforce
  • Career Pathways
Oct 9 2015

Leadership and the evolution of district-wide culture

CLASS’s most transformative impact is the change within that district’s culture, yet this change is difficult to explain or capture on a spreadsheet. Specifically, I am referring to changing the collective mindset toward teaching and learning, and prioritizing certain strategies because they positively impact student achievement.

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