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Oct 9 2015

Leadership and the evolution of district-wide culture

CLASS’s most transformative impact is the change within that district’s culture, yet this change is difficult to explain or capture on a spreadsheet. Specifically, I am referring to changing the collective mindset toward teaching and learning, and prioritizing certain strategies because they positively impact student achievement.

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Sep 3 2015

Making college accessible for all

We know college is important—especially for low income and underrepresented populations—and we have made college readiness a priority in our schools. However, the price of college, and fear of college debt, discourages capable students from enrolling in college. 

  • Student Success
  • Equity and Diversity
  • Accountability
Aug 31 2015

Remembering the Leadership of Orcilia Zúñiga Forbes

The board, staff, and extended family of Foundations for a Better Oregon (FBO) and The Chalkboard Project remember and celebrate Orcilia Zúñiga Forbes, PhD, and her treasured service over the past eleven years. We are immensely saddened by her recent passing.

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