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Aug 7 2018

Teachers and Students Together Create a Welcoming Environment for Immigrant Students

While Betsy Devos threatens to close the Federal English Language Learners (ELL) office, students across Oregon rely on ELL programs to ease their transition into our public schools. Such is the case with immigrant students enrolled in Centennial School District. Ms. Sabin Rouffy is an 8th grade English teacher at Centennial Middle School who instructs immigrant students in her classroom.

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Aug 1 2018

How One School Reduced Discipline Referrals by Nearly 55 Percent

I love my job as an educator. I work alongside incredibly committed teachers who are passionate about their jobs and interact daily with amazing students. We are all in this in spite of the challenges we face.

Our school district is located in Sheridan which is a small, rural town in the western part of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. We are a former logging community that has been greatly impacted by the loss of jobs in the timber industry. Today, our largest employers are the Spirit Mountain Casino, the Federal Correctional Institution, and the school district.

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Jun 21 2018

Getting to Know Whitney Grubbs: An Interview with our New Executive Director

Whitney Grubbs joined Chalkboard Project as executive director in May. We are thrilled to have her, not only does she hold vast education and policy expertise but she has a great sense of humor and an infectious laugh. We recently sat down with Whitney to learn more about her background as well as Chalkboard’s immediate priorities.

You were born and raised in Montana. How did you find your way to Oregon?

When you grow up in Montana, the closest big cities are Seattle and Portland, so if you dream of an urban experience it usually means going west.

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May 31 2018

Supporting Black Student Success

Oregon schools are not narrowing the achievement gap between black and white students—a chronic problem reflected in disproportionate school attendance, student outcomes, and graduation rates, according to a report commissioned by KairosPDX.

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