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Feb 22 2018

Trying hard isn’t enough to change systems

I believe that everyone in education is trying very hard, every day, to help the students they serve. But trying hard isn’t enough when education systems don’t change. We have to commit to doing things differently.

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Feb 13 2018

Oregon Teacher Scholars Program

The Oregon Teacher Scholars Program offers $5,000 scholarships, for up to two years, for culturally or linguistically diverse teacher candidates. The scholarship is for use at a state-approved educator preparation provider. In addition to the scholarship, the program provides recipients with mentoring, networking opportunities, and more.

Find out more about the scholarship and how to apply here.

Feb 9 2018

Meyer Memorial Trust announces new CEO

Meyer Memorial Trust has announced Michelle J. DePass as its new CEO. DePass is currently the dean of the Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy and Tishman Professor of Environmental Policy and Management at The New School in New York. Michelle will join Meyer on April 30.

Feb 8 2018

Beyond good intentions: How school board members are making a difference

“Everyone who runs for a school board seat believes they are doing it to make a difference,” says Karen Starchvick, school board chair in the 6,000-student Medford Public Schools.

But what happens when good intentions are thwarted by a failure to focus or cooperate? How can a school board work as a team to make sure it is making the right choices to support equity for kids?

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Jan 18 2018

2018 TELL Survey Launches in February

“We want to hear from you. As an educator, you are the most critical link to student success. Your feedback is essential to our ability to monitor and improve teaching and learning conditions.”

— Governor Kate Brown


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