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Changing the System: Supporting Black Student Success

On May 24, Chalkboard Project and KairosPDX will release their jointly commissioned report, Black Students in Oregon. The report was prepared as a resource for the Oregon Department of Education’s African American/Black Student Success Plan Advisory Group to demonstrate the sizable and persistent black-white achievement gap. The advisory group represents individuals from P-20 education, youth advocacy, health care, culturally specific community-based organizations, who are working in partnership with organizations and community stakeholders to implement a statewide plan to address the educational needs of black students. 

Now that we have the data, what can we do to ignite positive change for our black students? We will be looking into this question at the May 24 event Supporting Black Student Success. The half-day event will provide a springboard for a community discussion around the black-white achievement gap in Oregon and sustainable ways to better support students of color. The keynote speaker, Dr. Joy DeGruy, will present on historical racism and trauma and how they have perpetuated disparities in the black community. The event will also include a panel on the African American/Black Student Success Plan; panel participants include leaders in philanthropy, education, and a high school student from Beaverton.

Currently this free event is full. Add your name to the waitlist.