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Past Initiatives

2019-2020 Is a Year of Active Evolution for Chalkboard Project

Where we’ve been and what we believe gives us a unique role to play as an intermediary between public and private sectors. In partnership, we want to use our experience with advocacy, convening, research, and storytelling in new ways to radically accelerate progress for children and families. Read more about our current evolution.

Our past initiatives were supported by a coalition of Oregon’s largest philanthropic foundations as well as 16 affiliate partners.

CLASS Project and the School District Collaboration Fund

Chalkboard created CLASS in 2007 to grow four components linked to effective teaching:

• Expanded career paths
• Effective performance evaluations
• Relevant professional development
• New compensation models

In 2011, the CLASS model was implemented across Oregon through the state-funded School District Collaboration Fund (SDCF). Today, the model and funds are stewarded by the Educator Advancement Council (EAC) to provide broader access to improved support systems for educators.

Learn more about the SDCF and its impact on school districts.

Leading for Learning

The Leading for Learning (LFL) initiative was a school leadership program geared toward both current and aspiring leaders. Each component was designed to ensure every student has access to a high-quality education by:

• Preparing and supporting a new generation of highly effective principals
• Deepening instructional leadership skills in existing school district administration

Learn more about Leading for Learning.


Launched in 2012, TeachOregon was created to help universities, community colleges, and school districts collaboratively redesign teacher preparation practices in Oregon by improving the following practices:

• Recruitment
• Clinical practice
• Mentoring
• Hiring strategies

After 3.5 years of pilot work, TeachOregon's biggest success was the ability to bring together diverse stakeholders to design new models of collaborative and needs-driven teacher preparation programs. The pilot represented 13 districts and 11 higher education institutions— licensing 60 percent of the state’s new teachers—and built strong partnerships critical to improving teacher preparation. Productive dialogue between universities and school districts created an aligned curriculum for training teacher candidates. To learn more about the TeachOregon project, read its final report.

In 2015, Chalkboard Project worked with the Oregon Legislature to advocate for and pass two pieces of legislation based on the work of TeachOregon.

• Senate Bill 78 strengthens teacher preparation by requiring all of Oregon's teacher preparation programs to become nationally accredited by 2022 and provides $200,000 to support programs as they become accredited.

• Senate Bill 83 strengthens the student teaching experience by requiring training for cooperating teachers (the classroom teachers who guide and mentor teacher candidates).

Other Projects

Learn more about Chalkboard Project’s other initiatives over the years.