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Whitney Grubbs
Executive Director

As the executive director of Chalkboard Project, Whitney Grubbs has the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build on the organization's learnings of the past decade and lead it in new directions. Whitney believes that achieving equity in education is only possible through deep and authentic collaboration with parents, students, educators, community-based organizations, the public sector, and private partners. As former chief of staff to the Oregon Education Investment Board and senior staff to Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, Whitney has extensive experience with public policy aimed at improving education outcomes, reducing disparities, and supporting educators. One thing she has learned is that sustaining improvement requires balancing the urgency to act with the time needed to build trust, center communities, and gather broad input. Whitney lives in Portland with her husband and her two children, both of whom are students in Portland Public Schools.

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Mike Kalkofen
Finance Director

Mike Kalkofen, our finance director, has nearly 20 years of accounting and finance management experience in organizations ranging from less than $1 million in revenue to more than $70 million. Mike is driven by his love for people, and for solving big humanitarian problems. He is an active volunteer for ONE, an organization that mobilizes to end extreme poverty and preventable disease. He lives in Beaverton, with his wife Kelly, daughter Grace and his rambunctious dog, Bella.

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Bahia Overton
Equity and Partnerships Director

Bahia Overton knows that the divisions we experience in our culture are based on a lie, and she works every day to dismantle that deceit. In her role as Chalkboard Project's Director of Equity and Partnerships, Bahia is able to operationalize her values by elevating and aiding the important work being done by community organizations throughout the state. She craves genuine connections, deep understanding, and justice as the path to unity. Bahia’s greatest accomplishments are her two children, and one that will soon be adopted. Her goal is to help her children develop into compassionate, justice-oriented adults who are committed to providing service to humanity. Bahia holds degrees in psychology and social work, and is currently a doctoral candidate at Portland State University.

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Janet Soto Rodriguez
Deputy Director

Janet Soto Rodriguez's life path began in a small village in Mexico, where she was raised in a large, loving family. She emigrated to the U.S. at a young age, and quickly began setting her own rules and writing her own story, with relationship-building at the center. In her work, Janet re-imagines the world and helps enact policies that more fairly serve all of us. She is most excited to work with colleagues, foundations, and community members to generate policy ideas the look at issues in new ways, rather than the old top-down, status quo approach. When the going gets tough, she holds on to her core belief that we're all deserving of love and compassion, and occasionally returns to her roots as an artist, which was one of her earliest passions.

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Ashley Walker
Office Coordinator

Ashley Walker is Chalkboard Project’s office coordinator, and is affectionately known around the office as a professional thought partner, lending her ideas, knowledge, and expertise to all staff members. She's a relationship builder, creator, advocate, writer, and educator, who is committed to learning more about the relationships that in-classroom experience and policy making can have in bettering the human experience for children in schools. With a master’s degree in early childhood and elementary education from George Fox University, she comes to this role at Chalkboard Project with more than fifteen years of teaching, teacher training, parent education, and administrative experience. Ashley is a writer, a parent, and a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation.

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