Leading For Learning second cohort seeks participants

The second cohort for this program, designed to increase leadership skills of current central office administrators, is starting the application process. Read more.

The effects of CLASS are powerful

Data from school districts with two or more years of CLASS implementation demonstrate higher graduation rates. Read more.

CLASS Dashboard for 2014 published

CLASS districts are closing achievement gaps and raising student outcomes compared to the rest of the state. Read more.

Are teaching conditions better in CLASS districts?

In 2014, Oregon's Dept. of Education commissioned a survey to gauge educators' perceptions about teaching conditions. Read more.

Condition of Education for Oregon's tribal students

The resulting analysis shines light on where members of these tribes go to school, their math and reading achievement and graduation rates, as well as a n Read more.

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Lending a hand, sharing a tribe’s story

Rural communities, and especially Oregon’s tribal communities, have many significant challenges to providing enriching... Read more

Teacher-led ideas and collaboration create winning momentum

Being involved in the CLASS Project earned us tickets to Minnesota! Yes, Minnesota. Let me explain… Our CLASS design t... Read more

How the American Dream gets priced out of children’s reach

On June 9, author Robert Putnam shared the lessons he learned from his research for his recent novel, “Our Kids: The A... Read more

4 steps of inquiry that help principals improve instruction

Updated and reprinted with permission from the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership. First publis... Read more

It didn’t take long to feel the power of collaboration

Bev is Chalkboard’s TIF grant manager and helps organize Chalkboard’s annual all-district meeting. What happens when... Read more

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Current Educational Issues

Five things you think you know about July 4th that are wrong

Back by popular demand (well, I like them), are the top five myths about Independence Day, adapted from George Mason University’s History ... Read more.

Oops. A school sends all eighth-grade report cards to every family in the grade

Oops. An elementary school in Connecticut accidentally e-mailed the report cards for every eighth-grade student to every eighth-grade family... Read more.

Former Corinthian Students: Saddled With Debt, Hoping For Relief

Former Corinthian students could soon be off the hook for their student loans, but that won't help them in finding a better career.... Read more.