Leading for Learning new initiative launched

This program is an initiative of the Chalkboard Project to enhance the leadership skills of current school and district leaders across Oregon. Read more.

Recommendations from the Distinguished Leaders Council

The Distinguished Leaders Council, commissioned by Chalkboard Project, developed recommendations based on national research, best practices, and a candid appraisal of Oregon’s current practices in leader preparation. Read more.

Effective teachers close achievement gaps

Teaching effectiveness and teaching conditions close achievement gaps and drive student achievement. Read more.

The Condition of Education for Members of Oregon's Indian Tribes

Tribal students in Oregon face many hurdles in educational achievement and attainment. See the findings. Read more.

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Bridging the Gap: Talking about race isn’t easy, but it is our obligation

Iton Udosenata, principal of Cottage Grove High School, was raised in north Eugene, Oregon and earned his Masters in Edu... Read more

Annual statewide assessments matter

The debate around student testing continues to escalate. Nationally, Congress is considering removing annual assessments... Read more

Teacher leadership could set the pace, slowing the breakneck speed of current practice

    Andrea Shunk is an Oregon School District     Collaboration Grant Manager for the David     Douglas School Dis... Read more

“I worked really hard.” A personal story of a new teacher’s first, and last, year of teaching

For several decades, the shortage of minority teachers has been an urgent issue for Oregon’s school districts. Oregon ... Read more

Common Core, non-fiction texts, and you

While much of the Common Core buzz has centered on mathematics, another change is the increased use of non-fiction texts... Read more

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Current Educational Issues

Testing ‘disaster’ in Florida prompts call for statewide suspension

How much of a mess is unfolding this week in Florida as public school students take a new computer-administered standardized test called the... Read more.

The Learning Network: How Do You Express Your Creativity?

Do you play an instrument? Draw? Take photos? Write poetry? Dance? Or do express your creativity in less traditional ways? How do you expres... Read more.

The Learning Network: 6 Q’s About the News | Games on a Reservation Go by in a Blur

Why, according to several people quoted in the article, is basketball so popular on the reservation?... Read more.