The Kellogg Foundation recently supported an evaluation of Chalkboard and our work to catalyze change in Oregon.

Who We Are

About Us

The Chalkboard Project is an independent education transformation organization dedicated to making Oregon’s K-12 public schools among the best in the country. We are funded by a consortium of Oregon’s leading philanthropic foundations that share a central belief that research and on-the-ground expert knowledge is essential to identifying policies and practices that improve outcomes for students.

Chalkboard plays a unique role in improving education in Oregon by:

  • Providing independent research as the basis for reforms;
  • Partnering with educators and experts to design and implement pilot programs and advocate for reforms; and
  • Serving as an independent voice to citizens, education stakeholders and decision makers.

Our one-page summary pamphlet details our work.

Our Story

Learn more about how we got to where we are: how we formed and how we set our policy and research agenda.

Our Board of Directors

Meet our board members.

Our Staff

Meet the Chalkboard staff.

Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council is a coalition of educators, stakeholders, and policy-makers who provide feedback and guidance on Chalkboard’s strategic plans.

Our Partners

Chalkboard partners with several other non-profit and policy organizations as well as a number of contractors.

Our Funders

See the organizations and individuals from which Chalkboard has received grants and donations.